Getting back in the workforce! 

Well some of you, well I think everyone reading this already knows. Last week I popped in the my local honey birdette store to try on the newest release “michelle” and it’s amazing! Now during this visit I was chatting with the lovely staff about my regrets on not apply for a position there the week before, this honey encouraged me to just apply directly online anyway and so I did! So so glad I did too because yesterday I received an email asking me to go in for an interview, today that interview came and went and I felt amazing! I’ve only ever had 3 job interviews in my life, never anything like what I had today. I was scared out of my mind not sure what to expect or if I was going to calm my nerves in time. I definitely saw a difference in myself when the time came, Its eye opening to see how truly being yourself changes how you are in nerve racking situations. Yes my anxiety was still lingering no doubt about it but as soon as I was talking with the honeys it was like I knew them for ages and I was just popping in to say hey! I think the interview went really well and I’m confident that I will be considered for the job at some point if not this time around. My hair didn’t cooperate but I made do and atleast my make up come up well except my winged liner was off… I need to keep practicing! Anywho I’m really excited about possibly getting back to work and with an amazing company that has helped me alot with my confidence and self esteem. Here’s my interview outfit 😀 

Lana xx 


To embrace the grey or not? 

I have been colouring my hair for about 13 years, I’ve had grey sprouts since I was 17 so I wanted to hide them. Over the years I’ve done some crazy colours and hair styles.. I even paid  $800 To have braids done… Yep I did that.. absolutely loved having them done too! Anywho I’m at a point where I’m not sure what I really want to do with my hair, I tend to get “bored” of the same colour hense why I’ve gone through so many colours but after the amount of damage done going from blonde back to red I’m not sure I want to keep putting my hair through that. I have quiet alot of grey hair now and I’ve contemplated this a few times and I’m back there again. . Do I grow it out and embrace the grey? It’s not all over though, just mostly, attached is a photo and towards the crown of my head you can see where it’s still brown.. and through my natural part isn’t overly grey either.. . Why? I’d love to know!! This is about 3 weeks regrowth, not much really so I think it will take a while to grow out.. what do you think? Stay red, freshen up and keep on it, grow out the grey or head to the hair dresser and have it all lightened and blended to ease the transition? I’ve always wanted to try read platinum white… 

I’m sorry 😔

So it’s been a while, I’ve been surprisingly busy with both girls in school! Today not so much going on so I figured it’s time for an update 😊 

That photoshoot I was meant to have with paxon photography didn’t happen, it’s a long story really and at the end of the day communication is key! So I’m hoping to line up another shoot with someone else, I have a few names on my list and they are very well known in the rockabilly pin up scene. 

So despite that day being pretty shit we had some amazing burgers for dinner at the sugar shack diner on the parade 😍 and this is what I wore – brand new gorgeous dress from gigis fairy fashion 

The following day I had my 4th ever in home scentsy party, this is usually an anxiety trigger but I think with a combination of embracing my inner rockabilly/pinup chick and the amazing group of ladies I had more confidence then I’d had in a very long time. 

Here’s a photo of my outfit and hair and make up, another gorgeous dress from gigis fairy fashion. I’m still working on my photographyI might try and get a full length free standing mirror so I can move it to the best area 

I decided to try curl my hair a difference way this time using my hair straightener, it turned out quiet well actually 😊 I’m also sporting my new favourite lipstick which I received from a dear friend for my birthday! If you love good quality make up I highly recommend you check out gemma vendetta cosmetics, made here in Adelaide by a lovely lady I’m yet to met but I will! She specializes In 50s hair and make up and  I believe her salon is located in semaphore? That I will double check and link you all in the comments 🙂 

So after all that it was quiet but busy, I was assisting my pop with attending doctors appts pick up after eye surgery etc I even took mum to grab some awesome chairs for her dining room oh boy do they good! 

Our poor dog Robbie got quiet sick last week and spent Friday night at the vet, thankfully he’s home and on the mend. He will be back to his full happy self before we know it. 

Now Saturday night just been, oh it was amazing! My aunty and uncle in Melbourne came down for my 30th last month and they brought me tickets to see this awesome band called Masketta fall, who’s hears of them? So the show was on Saturday night and it was just amazingly awesome, these guys are the nicest group of people you could ever meet, they hang out with their fans and really appreciate all the support they are given! I am a lover of all music but this genre is definitely at the top of my list. Saturday nights outfit! A little more casual but I felt amazing in it. 

And that brings me to today, inbetween it all I’m mum, getting the kids fed bathed and in bed, up dressed and off to school, cooking, cleaning.. all the fun stuff haha but every day I’m reminded how lucky I am to have an amazing supportive husband that works his ass off to ensure we have the bills paid and a safety net for when our fur babies get sick and we have a large vet bill. So i can continue to be mum first and run my little businesses from home. 😍 this man is my rock and I love him more then anything ❤ even if he is shorter then me 😉🤣

Have a wonderful week 

Until next time 
– Lana 

Taking care of myself

In October 2016 I decided it was time to really start taking care of myself, first step to a happier healthier me was nails, no more acrylics randomly done every other month (because I was too lazy to keep on top of it) my nails were very short and so soft they bent and split so easily.. see photo.. day 1 of really caring for them, I started with a manicure and added these cute jamberry wraps, something I was still trying to get the hang of applying but with the help from a dear friend and jamberry consultant it wasn’t long before I had mastered the application. I decided that my nails needed more help then just no more acrylics, I purchased jamberry beauty boost vitamins and strengthening base coat. Now I’m slack when it comes to taking vitamins, a months supply lasted me several months and as I start taking them daily as recommended the results are amazing. So here’s day 1 – fresh jamberry.. 14th of october

Now I wish I took progress photos but unfortunately didn’t think to do it but I have a few from doing my jamberry wraps etc sharing with the jamberry community. Anyway! So my wraps are finally lasting more then a few days, my nails are looking and feeling healthier. But strength was still lacking as I’d had a few breaks but the progress is amazing none the less! Check it out – 4th of November… still working on the application. 

Couple broken nails there but I kept at it! 23rd of December and growth is happening! I found that a range of wraps were thicker and needed more pressure when applying, curved nail beds didn’t help but there are tricks and with some help easy to overcome. 

BTW who else  loves these fruit drops?!?

Fast forward to the 3rd of February… pretty amazing length here! ☝☝ 
Now if I bring you to today’s nails… with wraps and Polish and without you can really see what a difference caring for your nails can do. I love having longer nails and haven’t had great length since before my kids, that’s over 8 years of shitty short nails! 

Who wouldn’t want natural long nails?! I don’t usually ramble on about products unless I’m really impressed with them and in this case I think you can all see why! 

After 4 months my nails are stronger, healthier and prettier! So after really using these products, half of which I haven’t even mentioned in this blog, I decided to join… i am a jamberry rep, why? Because I am in love with it all, I have proof it helps and lasts. I’m not here to sell you jamberry but I will assist you if you want more information. I’m simply here to share with you what I love and why I love it. Next week’s blog may be about a hair product or clothing store.. who knows! But for today it’s all about jamberry, so if you got this far thank you for reading, if you want more info or to order yourself some jamberry follow the link to my website x 


Ahhhh what a week! As you may have seen in my previous blog my birthday was coming up, yep big 30 last Friday so we celebrated 50s style with some amazing family and friends.  Best part was my hubby and best friend arranged for her to fly down from Brisbane and surprise me! Surprised indeed!! We had a fantastic weekend, dispite our bakery cancelling our roll order at 6am Saturday morning all went to plan and smoothly I might add. Burgers, fries, mac n cheese, pulled pork, coleslaw, hotdogs, popcorn, fairy floss, soft serve, slushies…Food was amazing and it showed me how family and friends band together to make things happen. I know they probably won’t read this but I want to give a special mention to my cousin Chris who drove him and his family down from Victoria to then be on popcorn and fries duty, yummy! Another special mention to our friend Daniel for manning the BBQ and his gorgeous wife Carol for taking on selena as she glued herself to your hip the whole night. I received some beautiful gifts from family and friends, funds paid for a photo shoot happening later this month which is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time! I get to go see Masketta fall live next month thanks to my aunty and uncle that travelled down from Victoria aswell. I got to join jamberry to make my spending with them worth while haha yes I buy alot! And my nails thank me for it! Another post about that to come. Ive had unwell kids and now have the begging on a cold so I’ve started on tablets hoping to cut it begore it hits hard. I’m exhausted to say the least but no rest for the wicked! Here are some photos from the other night x 

some times I can’t believe Amelia is 8 this year!

And miss Selena started school and turns 5!

My amazing husband!

Yummy cake and cupcakes featuring my favourite cherries! 

My gorgeous mum and I ❤ 
Thank you everyone for celebrating with me xx love to you all xx 

OOTD  compilation 

Decided with nothing to report on op shops except the fact we found some seriously over priced stores I thought I’d share a photo of some of my outfits ive worn over the past 2 months. I’ll go through details from left to right – top to bottom. 

– Kmart cherry top and black pencil skirt both found at the warehouse op shop. 

– sourpuss cardigan and chic star dress, purchased from stars and swallows and beserk. 

– Howie collection dress found at the whites road op shop. 

– hellbunny cherry print top direct from hellbunny and  bettiepage shorts gifted from my mum. 

– chic star Leopard print skirt from stars and swallows with Paige bra from honey birdette and a plain singlet from ICE. 

– polka dot skirt from gwynnies emporium and top gifted from my mum.

– hellbunny cherry print dress direct from hellbunny. 

– chic star Leopard print skirt from stars and swallows with fix bra from honeybirdette and plain singlet from ICE. 

– hellbunny cherry print top again with Paige bra from honey birdette and navy blue pencil skirt from big w. 

Which outfit is your favourite? I don’t think I can choose a favourite but I have two close choices, outfit 5 and outfit 9… maybe it’s they bra! 
Xx Lana 

Op shop finds! 

I promise I’ll start getting better photos! I wasn’t sure if I was going to go ahead with this but seen how I am ill put more effort into photos.  So the below photo is Saturdays find when we stopped to get something from woollies and noticed the closing down sign in the salvation army op shop window, I thought I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to come back so ill have a quick look! This store is located on whites road closest to kings road, not sure if that’s classed as Paralowie or Parafield gardens there? They are closing this Saturday 5th of feb so if you get a chance go check out what’s there! 

I don’t really pay attention to labels I just grab what I think looks good and could work well with what I’ve got at home. This gorgeous dress though, could not picture myself ever wearing a vintage dress like this but for some reason I couldn’t put it down and it looks amazing on (see next photo). This lot cost me $26 and there’s a necklace pictured below too. 

How gorgeous is this dress? Anyone know where I can find a slip to wear underneath? 

And ofcourse the necklace! 

Now for Tuesdays goodies! Middle top and head band was found at a small op shop on hampstead road $1 each and the other two tops and skirt found at the warehouse on research road (yes I went back!) For $12, Carol and I found some great goodies to pair with my rainbow shoes from last week, now I just need an occasion to wear them! 

Have you found an op shop that you keep going back to because you find awesome goodies? Would love to check them out! 
Xx Lana 


Today is day 3 of the new school year with both my babies and im exhausted already! You don’t realise how lazy you get during holidays, especially over Christmas. I struggled to get out of bed this morning turning my alarm off at 6.45 after pressing snooze 3 times….. i got out of bed at 7.55….. this meant no time for hair or make up nor really thinking about what I was going to wear, think I scrubbed up alright though! Sporting one of my scores passed on by a lovely friend of mine, Kira. This chicks has amazing taste in clothing!

Finally sitting down with my second coffee after catching up on housework (still going) and running to the bank! Thinking of when to go shopping again and where I should try find some cool op shops, maybe I should concentrate on my 30th now it isn’t far away and ive still got a bit to do, found the best place to get bread rolls from and they sell the best donuts in northern suburbs and yes they are better then Krispy Kreme  (that might be because I can’t eat them) will book them in once I get a head count and have a better idea on numbers. Just think I’ll probably have to do this all over again in April and may for the girls birthdays! Well washing machine just beeped at me so back to it ill be back later to share my op shop finds from Saturday and yesterday! 
Xx Lana 

Last week’s op shop finds 

Hubby and I decided to go do some op shopping last Friday! It’s exploded from there. Our first stop was the new salvation army Warehouse on research road in pooraka, has to be my favourite op shop so far as I’ve found some amazing goodies! 

I don’t wear heels alot but when they cost $2.50 each ill find a time to wear them! 

Pencil skirts and blouses with cute belts are my go to outfit and these goodies were about $4 each. How could I say no? 

Our biggest haul yet! 
Our next stop was a little Shop in mawson lakes unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it! But I scored some hot rollers to try out, ive never uses them before! $4 I thought was a pretty good buy. 

Stay tuned for Saturdays and today’s finds! 
Xx Lana 

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